Monday, December 10, 2012

Retired in Cuenca, Ecuador - My book is available on kindle now!

Why Ecuador for me!
By Gary A Sisk

  During my preparation to move to Ecuador I spent many hours on-line reading expat blogs and hunting for information about places to live, resident requirements, and what you could bring into the country. So I started writing this book a few months ago about my personal reasons for moving to Ecuador and how I prepared for the move. I also added as much material as I could find that might be helpful to anyone else considering the move.
  Most of the material in my book has not been included in my blog. Although there are a few photos and events that are.

  Many of my blog readers may not have a kindle as I do not, so all you have to do is install the kindle app on your computer to read my book.

  I want to thank my Ecuadorian friend Bryan who spent over 20 hours reading in Spanish and English the requirements to up-load my book to kindle. Plus re-formatting the book to kindle requirements. I also  spend many hours reading and re-reading the kindle requirements with much frustration because of my minimal computer experience. They need to make it easier!

  I had a few friends tell me just to e-mail the book to them! But with 229 pages and many photos it is impossible to do that.

  I decided to use kindle because they distribute worldwide and take care of advertising and taxes, etc.; plus I do have readers in over 30 countries now.

  I do hope anyone who reads it will enjoy it and for those thinking about moving to Ecuador I hope the information will be helpful. Also keep in mind that the legal requirements for residency here keep changing so always check with an Ecuadorian attorney or immigration  before making the move.

  This is my first book and I have read stories by much better writers, but it is what it is! Hopefully my writing will improve in the future, especially on a good spelling day.

  To order my book just click on the cover on the top left side of this blog.

A video tour of the city of Cuenca

A blog worth reading: Ecuador George
  I have read through many blogs written by Ecuadorian expats. Some are reports of whats for dinner, some are about their dogs or cats and some are informative and do give good advise on many important things for those considering moving to Ecuador.
  A blog that is on my favorite list is:
  It is about George, who is a resident of California and is considering a move to Ecuador after a couple of visits here. He provides some great photos of Ecuador, great advice on moving here. Plus he asks many questions and asks for replies from his readers.
  George is living in a great mountain community in California and he is happy with his work and his home there, but it seems he is looking for adventure and perhaps Ecuador would be a good home base for him while he does some future traveling.
  I really enjoy reading his blog and I recommend to all my readers that you give him a read. You might find him as entertaining as I do.
  George, when you do decide to move here or drop in for another vacation I will be looking forward to meeting you in person.
  Keep up your fun and entertaining blogs!

Also I want to thank your George for the great article you wrote about my blog! I am getting several more hits from it.

Check it out at:

Gracias again!



  1. Today at 12:31 PM

    Greetings Gary:

    I just finished reading your kindle book on why Ecuador was for you. I almost fell out of my chair when you said you was leaving from Branson, since I live on southside of Springfield. I also felt kinship with the age, as I am 62 and will be 63 in August. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey and wanted to make contact with you. My wife and I have been talking about Ecuador for about a year now and since she is eligible to retire the first of August, our talking has become more and more serious. We are now looking at the possibilities of making our first "exploratory" trip in November for a couple of weeks.

    We have property in Honduras that is for sale and our permanent move to Ecuador is predicated on that selling, however our goal is to live in Cuenca on my Social Security income of about $2100 a month and bank all of her retirement.

    Just wanted to make contact with you and develop a friendship with an expat actually living in the city of our goal, to get factual information (the good and the bad) and to keep us "pumped up" for that new adventure.


    Mark and Debbie Turner

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! Will be looking forward to seeing you here in Cuenca!