Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cuenca, Ecuador Travel agency and services I recommend!

Cuenca services I have used and recommend!

I am always looking for the best deal when I need something - plus I always want to make sure I am doing business with trustworthy people.
I do not take any commissions for promoting the following services. Its just more options for anyone who might be looking for specific services here in Cuenca!

The new travel agency is here:

For all your travel needs: Hotels, Hostels, cruises, land tours, airfare!

Documents translated into Spanish and notarized.

Assistance with acquiring cedula's and Ecuadorian citizenship.

Attorney available for assistance with any legal matters.

Call Bryan Vidal:  US 305-897-0346  / Cuenca 074103952 / Cell 0994923033 - e-mail:

-Documents translated into Spanish and notarized
-Assistance with acquiring Cedula's with Ecuador Residency Visas
Ecuador Driving License
-Attorney available for assistance with any legal matters.
Contact us: 410-3952
Toll Free USA (305)897-0346

Any expats who live in Cuenca and need assistance signing up for sales tax returns or SS insurance give Bryan a call or e-mail him or call 099-4923033!
Do you need assistance with SALES TAX REFUND (IVA) or IESS Health Insurance?

Call us to our USA number: (305) 897-0346
Or email us to:

Ecuadorian Visa and Helper Program.

For assistance with Ecuadorian residency visas (cedulas) and all types! And assist with container shipping! Apartment rentals, Real Estate and general information!

Contact Marianela via e-mail for visa requirements and information on starting the process from your country.


from Ecuador: cell: 0993309682

Now that Cuenca has an Immigration office using a facilitator is much more affordable and faster!  

Contact Marianela for rates, usual cost between $400-$500 depending on type of visa.

Recommendation for Bryan Vidal, travel agent

I have used Bryan's travel service, called Catsa, to go to Canada. Bryan very quickly found me a very economically priced itinerary. More, as I am an insulin dependent diabetic, he found me a doctor who would write a cover letter for my syringes and needles and came with me to interpret and make sure I got what I needed. He emailed me 48 hours before my home flight to assure me he had checked the flights and they were still in order. He booked a hotel at Guayaquil for me and arranged for me to be picked up at the airport. I have run into some problems with my luggage clearing customs and he is doing all he can to help. Bryan is very courteous, helpful, efficient and charming. Moreover his English is excellent. I cannot recommend him too highly and will always be using his services.

Address: 12 de Abril y Jose Peralta

Contact information:  07 410 3952 / 099 492 3033.

Recommended by Pamela:

Good book about moving and getting settled in Cuenca, Ecuador:

Marcia Mejia Spa and Beauty Saloon

Hairstyle - manicure - pedicure - massage - Jacuzzi - women's undergarments. I recommend Spa Marcia for great service and prices. Just say you saw this ad for 10% discount. Zamora Chinchipe 001 y Unidad Nacional, Cuenca.  07 288 6274 -

Recommended by Gary A Sisk:

We have twice taken our car to Fabian Avila at Talleres Avila. The work has ranged from standard brake replacement, etc. to complete tune-ups and "custom" fixes. He is professional and competent, trained in the States, and is bilingual. Fabian goes beyond the norm and his prices are very reasonable. Best of all, he understands the concept of service. If looking for a good place to take your vehicle, you can't do better than Fabian. He is located just off of Las Americas near Coral Central. His web site is  Address: Juan Larrea y Av. las Americas. Contact: 098 752 7701 or 402 4359. 


And here is another plug for a friend of mine Orlando Siguenza.
Orlando lived in the United States for 16 years and recently moved back to Cuenca with his wife and daughter.
Orlando offers his driving and translating services for $10 an hour. His four door Toyota is very comfortable and Orlando already has many Expat clients here in Cuenca.
If anyone is interested in his services even if you are just coming here on vacation you can reach Orlando at: or his cell phone number is: 085854587.

Two more drivers highly recommended are Walter Parra: cell: 0986592978 and Jhony Para: cell: 0992925912 - They are brothers that both lived in the USA and speak great English. They both have very comfortable Toyota cars and are available for short trips or by the hour. If you need driver translators give one of them a call!

Walter Para: cell: 0986592978

Pharmacy Cruz Azul

Av. Ordoñez Lasso y Cerezos  -  phone #: 074089624

There is a friendly staff of five - Open 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm

One day every month the Pharmacy offers a 20% off sale on all medications and shelf  items. 

Roberto Benavidez is the Pharmacy Manager and he speaks English and is always available to assist you with your medication needs. His e-mail:  or he can be reached at the above number or cell phone: 0995632090

New Pharmacy Azul at the new River View condos on Ordonez Lasso and Cedros next to Produbanco.

Video Club Las Americas:

 Located on Av Las Americas 105 entre las Pencas y subida al Tejar
Its just up the street on the left past Super Maxi.

Juan Pablo is the owner is the store and speaks English. The store is open from 4 pm until 10 pm.

phone: 4073972

You will find Old Classic movies - Video Games - And the latest new movies on DVD! In Ecuador we can get Movies that are still playing in theaters in the US!

Special: 4 DVD for $5!

Super Maxi:

Super Maxi is a chain of Grocery Stores in Ecuador offering their own brand name products - imported products from all over the world - plus you will find pretty much everything you need here.
Super Maxi is even more modern that most Stores I have shopped in the US! I do find many products here for less money than at Coral, which by the way is another great place to shop.

ATM machines offer Spanish and English menus

Until next time keep enjoying life! 


  1. Thanks for your kind comments of our colleague and our shop we are here to serve you


    Andrés Genovez
    CSPMSA. IT Department.

  2. Garry,
    Thanks for the valuable information.
    Any idea where I can buy a fire proof safe and how much would it cost.

  3. Gary

    I enjoyed your blog. It's very informative and helps me to understand what I should expect. Great pictures and sound advice. It looks like you've carved out a nice life for yourself in Cuenca. I'm coming for a month in December to look around, then return to stay the following fall. I look forward to following your many successes.

    Florida, US

    1. Be sure to let me know when you are in town!

  4. Replies
    1. Let me know how your tours are going, maybe I can recomend you!

  5. Thank you for the information. Can the gym be used by both men and women? Do you happen to know how much the personnel trainer charges.

    Best regards

    1. Yes and it it $36 a month or $3 a visit. Daniel charges $30 for 6 hours.

  6. Gary - You know I love your blog. What I like about your writings are the facts, the names, addresses, prices - you are doing such a great job of an informer or journalist rather than bla bla writer. Keep up the good job, Gary! Your blogs are such a great source of information to many new comers like me! THANK YOU, Jaga Rytych :)

  7. Very nice photo of Cuenca. And it is very nice of you to give due to those individuals you recommended for am sure they were of much help to you in the past. Much appreciated for taking the effort so that I can come across this. Gracias!

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  10. Just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I did! Thanks for all the great tips and info. I will be coming to Cuenca in early September to teach English and hope to also get connected with the local ex-pat community, as I am of retiree age. Am investigating retiring there as well. Hope to meet you when I get settled.

  11. Great you will have to contact me when you are here I also have the book on amazon Why Ecuador of me! You might check out for daily updates on the expat community and rentals etc!