Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More photos of Cuenca, Ecuador

Many of my readers have asked for more pictures of Cuenca, so here they are:

Lets start with the flower vendors, there are beautiful flowers here all year around:

 Beautiful Orchids 

 Flower markets in El Centro

    Cuenca is busy everyday with farmers selling their goods

                                                                                                            And more flowers!
 Roses are a big Export around the world.

    Park  Calderon always busy with people.

Across Park Calderon is the old Cathedral Iglesia de El Sagrario built in 1557 after the Spaniards settled Cuenca.

               Andean Indigenous Woman

Catheral de la Inmaculada Conception, construction started in 1885 and was never completed. 

       Park Calderon

                        La Escalinata (staircase) 

                       San Francisco market place

 Double-Decker bus - great two hour tours of the City

Ruins of the Castle of the Incas

City center from Turi

                              Central Market

      Amazing fruits and vegetables grow all year around here.

                            Fresh Bakery goods

                            Guinea Pig (Cuy) anyone?

    Many food concessions - Lunch $3.50!

                                 Miss Ecuador

   And guess where the Panama Hat is made?

            $400 can buy you a nice Panama Hat!

                 Four rivers run through Cuenca

  Rio Tomebamba                                         

University of Cuenca

And just a short drive out on Cuenca you will find beautiful Mountains and countryside!

Ingapirca, The Inca Castle

Why Ecuador for me!
By Gary A Sisk

  During my preparation to move to Ecuador I spent many hours on-line reading expat blogs and hunting for information about places to live, resident requirements, and what you could bring into the country. So I started writing this book a few months ago about my personal reasons for moving to Ecuador and how I prepared for the move. I also added as much material as I could find that might be helpful to anyone else considering the move.

  Most of the material in my book has not been included in my blog. Although there are a few photos and events that are.

  Many of my blog readers may not have a kindle as I do not, so all you have to do is install the kindle app on your computer to read my book.

  I want to thank my Ecuadorian friend Bryan who spent over 20 hours reading in Spanish and English the requirements to up-load my book to kindle. Plus re-formatting the book to kindle requirements. I also  spend many hours reading and re-reading the kindle requirements with much frustration because of my minimal computer experience. They need to make it easier!

  I had a few friends tell me just to e-mail the book to them! But with 140 pages and many photos it was impossible to do that.

  I decided to use kindle because they distribute worldwide and take care of advertising and taxes, etc.; plus I do have readers in over 30 countries now.

  I do hope anyone who reads it will enjoy it and for those thinking about moving to Ecuador I hope the information will be helpful. Also keep in mind that the legal requirements for residency here keeps changing so always check with an Ecuadorian attorney or immigration here before making the move.

  This is my first book and I know I have read stories by much better writers, but it is what it is! Hopefully my writing will improve in the future, especially on a good spelling day.

  To order my book just click on the cover on the top right side of this blog.

It seems to be a rare sunny day so I am off to enjoy it - Good day to all 



  1. Thanks! These are nice in a travelogue way.

    But for those of us interested in moving, would be fun to see a comment more on pictures on where you go and why (like price, service, friendliness) on a daily basis for ordinary things--post office, grocery store, market, people/places who you buy specific items from - bakery, furniture maker etc.

    1. Bill,
      Thanks for the comment on my blog. If you look through other postings on the right side you will find most of your questions answered. Also I will have a book on kindle soon: Why Ecuador for me!
      If you have specific questions please e-mail me and I will answer the best I can!


  2. These photos are lovely...I especially like the one of the Andean indigenous woman!

  3. I found your blog a few days ago while reading Gringo Abroad...they had link so I clicked....The details on the actual cost of living including medical care, photos and all the other information you provided is FANTASTIC...Thank you I sure have enjoyed browsing your blog

    1. Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately Coopera is closed down but I just got a health insurance policy for $52 a month with 100% hospital and 90% Dr. and drugs!

  4. excellent job gGary ! your blog has made my decision to visit ecuador this spring an easy one. I am on my way, and am certainly entertaining the idea of moving there!
    Chris B., Chatham, Ontario, Canada